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Lease Landscaping and Excavating Backhoe excavating a land.

Clearing the Way  for Your Vision

Equipment for Any Project

Lease Landscaping and Excavating is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to prepare your site for any project, big or small.


We provide a total package of services including excavation, grading, all ground works, septic systems and more.

 •  Tracked skidsteers

 •  Excavator

 •  Dozer

Let Us Know About Your Project

If you have an improvement project that calls for excavation or other big tasks, contact Lease Landscaping and Excavating so we can help in realizing our vision.


Our staff are happy to answer all your questions and inquiries.


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Total Site Preparation

Site preparation for any improvement project can be a daunting task. That's where experts like us come in. Enlist our services and get started with your project today!

We design your project from beginning to end.



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Lease Landscaping

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